Chang Holding Company

Founded in 2010, Chang Holding Company is an award-winning firm comprised of separate sub-companies, that provides quality products, services, markets and opportunities. Chang Holding Company has found success in the following areas and has now expanded with consulting and coaching entrepreneurs, small business owners, executives, professionals looking to advance their careers, and organizations at any stage. Contact us for a free business consulting and coaching consultation or to inquire about David speaking at your next event. 

  • Business Development, Marketing, Sales, Operations, and Logistics
  • Federal and State Government Consulting and Advising
  • International Business Consulting for Pan-Asia
  • Wealth Management
    • Retirement Planning (401k, Profit Sharing, SEP IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, etc)
    • Financial Planning
    • Investment Planning
    • Insurance Planning
    • Tax Planning
    • Estate Planning
  • Real Estate Development, Residential, Commercial, Senior Care Facilities
  • Green Energy Technology Products, Development, and Sales
  • International and Domestic Trade, Import/Export, Brokers, and Distributor
  • Retail, Wholesale, and eCommerce Sales
  • Author, Editor, Blogger, Publishing, Speaking, Coaching

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