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Building Relationships Is Key: 2011 Pacific Edge Magazine Young Professional of the Year David Chang of Chang Holding Company

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By Pemgala on April 18, 2013

From education, to military commitment, to successful entrepreneur, David Chang has flourished as one of Hawaii’s most successful businessmen.  His abounding success is one of the main reasons the Chairman and CEO of Chang Holding Company was named Pacific Edge Magazine’s Young Professional of the Year at their 2011 Business Achievement Awards Gala.  Knowing the struggles and challenges of building a business from the ground up, Mr. Chang shares with Pacific Edge Magazine how he has led Chang Holding Company, overwhelming success.

How has the Pacific Edge Magazine Business Achievement Award impacted your business?

Recognition from Pacific Edge Magazine has definitely given our business credibility. Doing business in Hawaii as well Asia, where I travel frequently, is based on relationships, and reputation is key to success. This past March I was able to travel to South Korea with President George W. Bush for a business event, and the Pacific Edge Magazine award definitely helped make this happen! Pacific Edge Magazine is a reputable and well-known organization and receiving the award was a great honor that I am proud of.

Since receiving the award, what are some new initiatives your business is undertaking?

We are moving more heavily into green technology and real estate development. Solar and LED lights are vital to Hawaii’s energy sustainability. Also creating smart communities is important to Hawaii’s future.

What do you attribute your success to?

Top organizations and leaders have two main characteristics: they strive to constantly improve personally and professionally; and, they know how to ask the right questions. Continually becoming better is the key to success. Have a 10X mindset, a multiplying mentality to be better, faster and bigger. Asking the right questions will help you be proactive and not reactive, and to take educated and calculated risks that can pay off big time.

What is one piece of advice you would give young professionals?

Do what your passionate about. Then you live to work, not work to live. You know you are doing what you are passionate about when you feel guilty for being paid, because you would do it for free since you love doing it!

What is your favorite part of your job, what drives you to “do what you do”?

I really want to see Hawaii, the US and the world become a better place. I have an intense desire to make people or a situation better than before. I want to surround myself with top-notch professionals and accomplish great tasks that help the community!

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